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There are no walls to stop such a rain. That keeps falling forever more.


There are no walls to stop such a rain. That keeps falling forever more.


There are no walls to stop such a rain. That keeps falling forever more.

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There are no walls to stop such a rain. That keeps falling forever more.

High Quality Audio

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About Us

Designed & developed by WolfThemes a Power Elite Author, Tune is an awesome, pixel perfect and powerful music WordPress theme. It is made simple and functional right out of the box, yet offer high customization for more advanced users.

It includes all the features you need to create a solid fan base online: music player, social media integration, event list, discography, video & photo gallery, and so on; and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

A Professional Recording Studio at Your Fingertips

Equiment Specification

  • Equipment

  • DDA
  • Focusrite
  • HHB Circle 5
  • Joe Meek
  • KRK
  • MOTU
  • Novation
  • Presonus
  • Software

  • Logic (Mac)
  • Waves Shell Complete
  • Ableton Live
  • EWQL Composers
  • Fxspansion DCAM Synth Squad
  • Native Instruments
  • Max MSP
  • Spectrasonics
  • Microphones

  • AKG C414 XLS
  • AKG D12
  • Audio Technica AT 2020
  • Beyerdynamic M81
  • Beyerdynamic MPC65 (x2)
  • Rode M3 (x2)
  • Rode NT1
  • Rode NT3
  • Hardware

  • Alesis Ion
  • Alesis Micron
  • Dave Smith Tempest
  • Future Retro Revolution
  • Novation Bass Station
  • Roland MKS-70
  • Roland SH-101
  • Roland TR-505

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Alicia Castillo abre el concierto de Yoly Saa en el Teatro Eslava

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Tune Studios is absurdly well-equipped and located in a tranquil setting. It’s a great place to be, to hang around, and to record. It is a great place to play and record music.A happy customer


Fantastic studio and an absolute pleasure to work with Tune. Highly competent and easy to work with. Jave Gray (The Queenstons)


What a setting! What a location! What a producer! We spent a total of 4 days recording and may we say it was the best experience ever.Lee Waston

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